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For a while now, people have been asking for a way to donate a few bucks to the site. Recently the equipment exchange staff has been pushing for us to create this option as a means for users, who have bought, sold, and saved on gear for years, to donate for the EE to remain free. In addition, we have often had people ask how they could give a little bit back to the site.

The plan for these funds is simple. We will use them in one of two scenarios. The first is for the site's continued growth and expansion. Every year network costs go up, equipment is replaced, and services expanded. It's an ongoing struggle to keep ahead of the growth curve and it often requires upgrades before they are needed. The second option is to push the donations to a worthy cause, such as Task Force Dagger, American Snipers, Team Ranstad, or ARFCOM's own Breaching Tool fund to name a few.

In return for donations, we will track your contributions and shortly will be adding a tiered icon to recognize those who have given.