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Wrist Armor

Wrist Armor- 2XL, OD Green

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550 Para-cord Wrist Armor provides a wearable emergency rope or cordage to help you in a pinch. We've selected one color combination (OD outside, Digital Camo inside) and style (single cobra stitch; made with 6' of paracord) to represent the "official" version and offer it to you in several sizes.

Also available in a Ladies version (Pink outside, Digital Camo inside). Larger sizes can be worn on the ankle.

*Some color variations may exist from batch to batch.

Sizing Directions:
Measure the wrist then add 1-1.5" to the measurement depending on how loose you want it to fit and choose size:

SM 7"
MED 7.75"
LG 8"
XL 8.75"
2XL 9"
3XL 9.25"

The Wrist Armor may shrink when it gets wet. If the Wrist Armor is too big you may place in hot water for 20 minutes then pat dry with a towel and allow it to dry.

Care instructions:
When sized properly you can shower with the Wrist Armor on and clean it with shampoo to remove oils and dirt. Pat it with a towel and allow it to dry.

Remember Wrist Armor Survival Bands are hand made, and sizes are approximate. They may be a little bigger but never smaller.